Announced European sales of the training sets Acer CloudProfessor to create IOT devices

Acer has announced sales in EMEA, which includes Europe, middle East and Africa, training sets CloudProcessor designed to create IOT devices. According to the manufacturer, using the set and the corresponding cloud service Acer, you can quickly understand the principles of the IoT, even without special training. In other words, the new focus on children in the form of a game will be able to see the latest technologies and interested in their opportunities.

The basis set is CloudProfessor module dimensions 108 x 44 x 13 mm and weighing not more than 100 g, built on Intel Atom SoC x5 Z8300 CherryTrail. The module has 16 GB of flash memory and a microSD slot for cards up to 128GB, supports wireless interfaces Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.0 + HS.

In addition to the module CloudProfessor, the kit includes development boards Arduino Leonardo and LED101, fee Seeed Arduino Shield, two LEDs, two sensors (light and temperature) and mini motors for homemade robots. The kit provides access to the cloud BYOC («Build your own cloud») that Acer is developing jointly with partners, including manufacturers of components and makers. Together with it is possible to use a mobile device running Android or iOS, and computers with Chrome OS, and the scripts in the user projects can be written in JavaScript, Blockly, or LiveCode.

The set will be available in EMEA in the current semester. Price the manufacturer recommends to find out in representative offices and authorized partners.

Source: Acer



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