Android users are spending on apps 40% more time than a year ago

No one will argue with the fact that smartphones have changed our world in so many aspects. The resource specialists App Annie decided to assess the extent to which users employ their devices.

For example, the cumulative number of application downloads in the App Store and Google Play Store by the end of only one of the third quarter reached almost 26 billion, having increased in annual terms by 8%. If we consider the precise, to the Apple store a figure roughly equal to 8 billion, and Google — 18 billion And the statistics include only new download, not counting the updates and reinstalling the SOFTWARE.

According to the results of the same third quarter of the aggregate acquisition costs (and related expenses) in annual expression has grown three times stronger than the increase in the number of downloads. More specifically, the increase was 28%, to 17 billion dollars. The share of iOS accounted for almost twice more than the share of Android.

Also, experts source estimated that people are spending more time on apps in smartphones. During the year the total time only for Android users (excluding China) amounted to 325 billion hours, which is as much as 40% higher than a year earlier.

The greatest number of downloads in the Play Store since the fourth quarter of last year, India accounts for. This is due simply to the superiority over most other countries in the population of the country, and in China, the Play Store doesn’t work.


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