Android 8.0 will be the last version of the OS officially released for smartphones OnePlus 3 and 3T

Fans of the iPhone Android is often criticized for the fact that not all smartphones will receive the update with the release of new versions of the OS, and it occurs rather slowly. Often, however, forgotten one important detail.

Today most companies uses its own shell. And often the functionality of such membranes is significantly above the base version of Android. Accordingly, to these devices by and large it doesn’t matter when Android 6.0 will be updated to Android 7.0, if the current version of the shell already has many features that are absent in both OS.

But for smartphones that are running «naked» Android or using a shell, changing minimally the base system, updates are more important. Smartphones OnePlus just take those.

So for owners of OnePlus models 3 and 3T it is important to know that the manufacturer will support them until the release of Android 8.0. More specifically, it will be the last major update for these devices. Recall that initially both models running Android 6.0.

An update OxygenOS v4.5 should appear for these smartphones in the coming months. In addition, the manufacturer promised to update the model OnePlus 2 to Android 7.0.



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