Andrew house resigning as leader of Sony Interactive Entertainment

Andrew house (Andrew House) works at Sony since 1990, he has held a variety of positions. Andrew house engaged in marketing and public relations, participated in the launch of the first PlayStation, was the President of the European division of Sony Computer Entertainment, and in 2011 became Executive officer of Sony Interactive Entertainment. To him, this position was occupied by KAZ Hirai (Kaz Hirai).

Sony issued a press release in which, somewhat unexpectedly, said that Andrew house resigns c as President and chief Executive officer of Sony Interactive Entertainment.

His place will be current Vice-President of Sony Interactive Entertainment John Kodera (John Kodera). During the year, Andrew house will remain Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sony Interactive Entertainment, in order to facilitate the inauguration of a new leader.

Himself Andrew house stated that the PlayStation division shows excellent results, so he believes that the time has come for setting up a new task.



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