Analyzer Breathometer Mint for $100 will appreciate the breath of his mouth and will inform about the level of pathogenic bacteria

Smart toothbrush with a connection to a smartphone we’ve seen. And how do you another smart device to assist in maintaining oral health?

It’s called the Breathometer Mint is a analyzer of breath. It is necessary not only to prepare for the date, and in order to see whether there is in the mouth of excess bacteria.

What is important before the analysis of teeth need to be cleaned. That is, the device indeed detects the presence of bacteria, and does not analyze whether the pleasant smell itself. But in addition to some level ranging from A (excellent condition) to F (need to see a doctor), no specific data analyzer does not provide. On the other hand, for device home, they are not needed, since the bad results of going to the dentist is nothing to replace.

It remains to add that the value of Mint is $100.


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