Analysts Yole Developpement called the largest manufacturer of MEMS and the main trends changing the market

Analyst firm Yole Développement, a member of the Yole Group has recently published an annual ranking of manufacturers of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS).

According to analysts ‘ estimates, which occupies the first place Robert Bosch during the year sold products, which uses MEMS technology, 1.16 billion. Most products of Robert Bosch are presented in the segments automotive and consumer electronics.

To second place from fourth was claimed by the company Broadcom, which has helped increase demand for MEMS for RF circuits. In monetary terms, the share of Broadcom is 910 million dollars.

Third place was occupied by company Texas Instruments with the figure of 787 million dollars, is also developing sales compared with the previous year.

The company STMicroelectronics, left the first three, have reduced sales. At year-end they amounted to 630 million dollars.

The entire MEMS market experts estimate 9.35 billion dollars. Given that in 2015 the market was equal to 9.2 billion dollars, it is possible to speak about growth of 1.6%.

According to experts from Yole Développement, the main trend is changing the MEMS market is the increased demand for RF filters. It is due to the proliferation of 4G technologies and the increasing complexity of electronic circuits. Another growing segment analysts believe microphones. In quantitative terms, shipments of MEMS microphones for the year increased by 11%.

Source: Yole Développement


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