Analysts TrendForce called besparing developer of chips received in 2016 the most revenue

The year is coming to an end, that allowed analysts of the company TrendForce give a preliminary in relation to the ten largest companies that designs and sells chips, not having own production.

According to experts TrendForce, in 2016, the highest income among besparing companies have been Qualcomm, which managed to stay on the top position, despite a decrease in income compared to the previous year by 4.5% from 16,008 to 15,284 billion.

Second place as a year ago, is Broadcom. Last year its revenue amounted to 8,414 billion, and this year 14,166 billion. This rapid growth is simple: now the figure includes sales of the company Avago Technologies, this year bought Broadcom. The final company is called Broadcom Limited. In the past year, Avago has taken the fourth place with 6,988 billion. It is easy to calculate that the total income of the two companies for the year decreased by 8.0%.

Third place was reserved by company MediaTek, a year developing sales by 17.6% from 7,5886 to 8,922 billion.

In fourth place is the company Nvidia, which increased sales 4,1527 to 4,5859 billion, i.e. 10.4%. This is followed by AMD, with sales increased from 3.99 to 4,183 billion, i.e. by 4.8%.

The ten largest also includes Marvell income 2,4029 billion, Xilinx (2.3 billion dollars), Novatek (1,483 billion), Realtek (1,2541 billion) and Dialog (1,158 billion).

Source: TrendForce



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