Analysts Strategy Analytics has determined who is a market leader in VR headsets for deliveries, and who — by income

Experts of the analytical company Strategy Analytics has prepared a report, which summarizes data on the supply of VR headsets in 2016. According to their calculations, during the year it shipped more than 30 million of these devices. The vast majority of them were built on six major platforms, including Google’s Daydream.

According to analysts, Google leads in the number of typefaces shipped during the year, and their total number in use. This is not surprising, since we are talking about a very cheap Cardboard VR platform. Low cost solutions based on Cardboard VR is the reason that in money terms they account for only 12% of the income of the industry. First place by share of income is the Samsung Gear VR rate is 35%. Second place goes to Sony with PS VR. In total, Samsung and Sony were able to get more than half of the total income of the industry in 2016.

Source: Strategy Analytics


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