Analysts Global Positioning Specialists considered how many billions of dollars of GDP could save Autonomous cars

When it comes to unmanned vehicles, often talks about the improvement of the situation on the roads, better traffic distribution and more security. And intelligence Specialists Global Positioning (GPS) decided to calculate how much the introduction of such cars will save the country.

Savings is extremely simple. The fact that each accident entails economic costs. And the more accidents, the more the government has to allocate funds for related areas. GPS analysts calculated how much of what the country loses GDP due to road accidents. Their list includes 73 countries, but we present data for only a few.

Leader, if I may say so, is the United States. This country loses annually about 340 billion due to an accident, which is 1.9% of the total GDP. In second place is India, the loss of which reach about $ 62 billion, but it is 3% of total GDP. Russia is in sixth place with an index of 34.5 billion dollars, which corresponds to 2.6 percent. On average, the list shows that the countries, regardless of the amount, you lose about 1-3% of their GDP every year.

Unmanned vehicles should significantly reduce the number of accidents. Of course, this will not happen immediately and not everywhere, but in the end will happen. And if the above data are simple statistics, try specialists source to calculate the benefits from the introduction of Autonomous cars is yet more assumption. Meanwhile, if you focus on the data, the US would «save» about 306 billion dollars a year, and Russia would reduce GDP losses to 3.4 billion dollars.

However, in the reviewers ‘ report it is not specified how data were obtained and what should be the percentage of self-driving cars in the country for such forecasts.



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