Analysts from Strategy Analytics predict this year’s smartphone market growth rate of 7%

In 2016, the smartphone market increased in comparison with the year 2015 only 2%. This figure was significantly lower than in previous years. However, this year the market growth will again be more. At least, sure of the experts of the analytical company Strategy Analytics. Prepared according to their forecast, in 2017, the smartphones market will be 7% more than in 2016.

The basis for the optimism of analysts is the improvement of the economic situation in some countries and regions, and the expectation of the innovations that can improve the demand associated with the replacement of already used devices.

The largest market is the Asia-Pacific region, followed by sales should be North America. While most analysts believe the fast-growing region that includes Africa and the middle East. In their opinion, the region will continue to lead the pace of growth up to 2022. If to speak about individual countries, the three largest consumers of smartphones in the next five years will include China, India and the United States.

Source: Strategy Analytics


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