Analysts called the largest buyer of semiconductor products in 2016

Samsung Electronics was the largest consumer of semiconductor products in 2016. Such conclusion contains in the corresponding report by Gartner.

During the year, the South Korean semiconductor manufacturer has purchased products in the amount 31,667 billion, which corresponds to 9.3% of the global market. In 2015, the company Samsung Electronics has purchased the semiconductor product in the amount of 30,343 billion dollars, purchasing volume rose 4.4%.

The second largest consumer of semiconductor products, in contrast, has reduced purchases compared to the year 2015. If in 2015, the company Apple bought semiconductor products worth 30,885 billion dollars in last — 29,989 billion, which corresponds to 8,8% of the market. In other words, it has reduced purchases by 2.9%.

Samsung Electronics and Apple occupy a leading place in the list of consumers of semiconductor products for the sixth consecutive year. The top five also includes companies Dell, Lenovo and Huawei, which account for 3.9%, 3.8% and 2.9% of the purchases of semiconductor products.

Source: Gartner



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