Analysts believe that MSI will lead the market of gaming notebooks this year

As DigiTimes reports, this year the supply of gaming laptops is expected to increase by 12.5% and approximately 4.5 million units. The leader will be the company Micro-Star International (MSI), which last year shipped 900 thousand gaming laptops, but it plans to increase supplies to 1.2 million units. MSI needs to get ahead of Asustek Computer as the number of laptops, and revenue.

Just this year, MSI will release 10 models of gaming laptops, including the high-end solutions with Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080. To highlight their laptops on the background of competing solutions, the company not only increases their productivity but also changing the design, using new materials, improving cooling and sound quality.

The increase in the supply of gaming laptops due to several factor, including the fact that China, South Korea and Russia have started to support eSports at the Federal level. In addition, gaining popularity of the virtual reality device, which require efficient computers.



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