Analysts believe that in five years, sales of smart watches in the corporate segment will grow seven times

Analysts ABI Research has tried to assess the smartwatch market with an unusual angle. They undertook to predict how it will develop the corporate segment of smart watches.

Moreover, to predict they came from, as it is like Analytics for many years to come. More specifically, until 2022. And if in the current year, according to the report source, shipments of smart watches for corporate clients will be 2 million units in 2022 in this segment will be sold for 14 million hours.

On the basis of what made this forecast, it is not clear, but how right were analysts, only time will tell. Analysts themselves acknowledge that to date too few smart watches or any other devices segment wearable electronics have built-in authentication system. This makes them vulnerable from the point of view of data security. Analysts believe that the growth in the supply of corporate clients, manufacturers of such devices must take security even at the level of their design.


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