Analysts believe that HTC will not be able to increase sales next year

The resource DigiTimes, citing industry sources, claims that total sales of HTC next year will remain at the level of the current year. This is due to the poor sales of smartphones, as well as difficulties in increasing sales volumes headset Vive.

Sources believe that brand image HTC continues to fall, which is the main problem the company, not giving it to increase sales of smartphones. While sales of smartphones Google Pixel, the production of which is engaged HTC, is unlikely to greatly affect the income of the company.

Sale headsets Vive to the end of the year, according to analysts, will reach 400,000 pieces, and in 2017 they will be sold about 600 000. Recently, however, HTC itself stated that it has sold more than 140 000 devices. It is unlikely that in this condition worth talking about 400 000 headsets to the end of the year.



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