Analysts at Gartner called the year, when there will be widespread «intelligent machines»

Experts of the analytical company Gartner called the year, when there will be widespread «smart machine». This General term analysts identified cognitive computing, artificial intelligence, intelligent automation, machine learning and deep learning.

So, according to experts Gartner, the massive introduction of «smart machines» will be by 2021. Criterion of the scale they believe the use of technology 30% of large companies.

Analysts believe that the rise of «smart machines» will change the way you work and how value is created. A model of dynamic pricing, the detection of fraud, advanced control and robotics are some areas where the application of intelligent technologies will lead to significant changes. Certainly, the changes will be associated with the creation of new growing market. If this year information services and system integration related to the introduction of «intelligent machines», brought suppliers of 451 million dollars, in 2021, the volume of this market will approach $ 29 billion.

Source: Gartner


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