Analysts at CCS Insight say that by 2021, 15% of the market of mobile phones is a devices that support 5G

Mobile networks of the fifth generation will begin its March around the world in 2019. But analysts CCS Insight believe that now is able to evaluate the smartphone market with support for 5G.

So, the source claims that by the end of next year in the world will be realized 2 billion mobile phones, and in 2021 — 2.06 bn in 2018 While the share of smartphones will account for 81%, and in 2021 will increase to 92%. By 2020, the share of mobile phones with support for 4G will rise to 82%.

Analysts believe that sales of phones with support for 5G will grow faster than sales of devices with 4G, and already two years after the appearance of the first devices in 2021, is within 15% of the market. The leading market in terms of development 5G networks should be China.

Analysts also noted that the smartphone market in 2018 is estimated at 375 billion dollars, and in 2021 will reach $ 396 billion dollars. Considering that according to estimates of the same source in 2021 will be implemented approximately 1,895 billion smartphones, we can calculate that the average price of such device will be $ 209.


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