Analysts All! looked into the future of the market for single Board computers

Professionals by the research firm technavio called the company that, in their opinion, will enter into the five of the largest manufacturers of single Board computers in the period from 2017 to 2021. The forecast also includes data on six producers of these products, which can influence the development of the situation on the market.

In the opinion of All!, the market for single Board computers the next five years will grow an average of nearly 13% per year. Given the fact that at the end of last year, the market volume in monetary terms amounted 460,9 million dollars, this means that in 2021 the market will be assessed in 836,8 million dollars. By the way, on x86-compatible model in 2016 had less than half of sales. More precisely, 202,8 million dollars.

Market for single Board computers is characterized by significant fragmentation, with the participation of a large number of global and local players. The key factor in determining success in the competition, analysts say the introduction of advanced design, allowing to select products from the competition.

As for the five largest manufacturers, it specialists All! included Digi International, Advantech, Eurotech, Kontron, and Radisys.

Source: All!


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