Analyst surprised at the low price Apple AirPods headphones and smart watches Apple Watch

Specializing in Apple devices analyst Neil Seibert (Neil Cybart) believes that AirPods wireless headphones and smart watch Apple watch offered at a «surprisingly low price».

For example, AirPods in the United States are $ 159, and competing solutions:

  • Kanoa — $300

  • Bragi Dash — $299

  • Erato Apollo 7 — $289

  • Skybuds — $279

  • Earin — $249

  • Motorola VerveOnes — $249

  • Samsung Gear IconX — $199

  • Bragi Headphone — $149

The analyst believes that Apple could set the price at $249 or even $299. Price of $159 it has forced competitors to change their policy and lower prices.

The situation is similar with smart clock, for example, the price of the Apple Watch Series 1 today starts at $269 and Apple Watch Series 2 offered at a price of $349 and is one of the most affordable solutions premium:

  • Garmin Fenix 5 — $599

  • Garmin Forerunner 630 — $399

  • Michael Kors Access — $350

  • Samsung Gear S3 Is $349

  • Fossil Q Founder — $275

Neil Seibert believes that by using this pricing policy, Apple plans to dominate not only in the premium segment, but also in the smartwatch market, attracting the attention of a wider audience. The analyst believes that Apple Watch will be available soon at a price below $200.

The company also offers ceramic Apple Watch Edition for $1249, and many other Apple products, including smartphones, laptops and tablets, are very expensive.



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