Analyst other MediaTek bright future

This week MediaTek announced that in the last quarter the company’s profit decreased by 66%. The deterioration is attributable to lower volumes of single-chip systems for smartphones.

However, the known Chinese analyst pan Sutan (Pan Jiutang) stated that for the company the most difficult period is already behind us. His words are indirectly confirmed by the fact that after the publication of the quarterly report the shares of the company not only did not fall, but rose by about 10%.

Analyst without revealing their own informants, said that in the second half of this year, major Chinese manufacturers Oppo and Vivo will again begin to actively use the system on a chip MediaTek in their smartphones in the budget and middle price ranges. On MediaTek this year is not much impact, as the bulk of the orders for system on a chip is usually placed in the first half.

In summary, pan Sutan claims that next year will be to MediaTek definitely better than the current one.



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