Analyst CCS Insight believes that Apple Watch became pioneers in the market of smart watches

The smartwatch market was estimated by the experts CCS Insight. According to analysts, by the end of this year, the world will be sold 43 million of these devices. In 2021, sales reached 86 million.

Curiously, one analyst believes the Apple Watch pioneer this category, although the watch certainly was not the first in its class. The source also notes the increase in the sales of sports smart watches Garmin, Polar and others. Their example has forced other companies to actively add to your device’s features and technology associated with the sport.

In addition, the report contains another proof that the long-term (and sometimes beyond) predictions for the IT market — it is often thankless. Without providing any figures, analysts say that was wrong with the assessment of the impact of the segment hybrid of smart watches and the sales of such devices will be considerably lower than previously thought.

From iconographic source you can see that in the current year, analysts expect 96 million sold devices segment wearable electronics in the amount of 10.8 billion dollars. By 2021 the figures will be 185 million and 16.9 billion dollars.

Of these 185 million units will be 54 million smart bracelets, smart watches 86 million, 11 million smart headphones 21 million wearable smart cameras, 8 million pairs of smart shoes, smart glasses, 2 million and 2 million different smart rings, clips and other such devices.


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