An accident at the plant, LG Display will lead to a shortage of TV panels next quarter

The source reports that LG Display has stopped one of the lines of its plant for the production of TV panels. Talking about the line that uses a substrate 8.5 G.

The reason for the stop was an accident with a fatal outcome. Employee performed the maintenance, when there was an incident.

The line is stopped until the reasons for the accident, which can take two to four weeks. Now talking about the fact that such a long delay at such a large manufacturer will lead to a shortage of panels in the third quarter.

WitsView claims that LG Display due to the prevailing circumstances nedopustit 715 000 m2 of panels of large size. More specifically, with regard to television diagonal panels 49 and 55 inch.

Industry sources believe that the shortage of panels will keep prices for these products, which recently began to decline.

LG Display


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