Among the leaders of the PC market, only one company managed to increase sales in the third quarter

Analysts Gartner say that in the third quarter of this year, the world has sold 67 million PCs, which is 3.6% lower than a year earlier. According to the estimates of the source, is the 12 consecutive quarter that PC shipments are falling. Note that analysts did not take into account chromebooks and tablets.

The leader of the market is HP, which grew able to realize 14,59 million computers, increasing sales by 4.4%. Lenovo has fallen behind quite a bit, placing of 14.36 million PCs, but the Chinese giant this corresponds to a decrease in sales of 1.5%.

Closes the top three Dell, whose sales dipped by 0.4% and totaled 10.15 million units. Next is Asus (4.89 mn PC; a decline of 9%), Apple (4.6 million PC; a decline of 5.6%) and Acer (4,32 million PC; a decline of 6.2%). As you can see, among the market leaders only HP managed to increase sales, while others saw a decline.

In the U.S. market the situation is somewhat different. There’s the top five looks like this: HP, Dell, Apple, Lenovo and Asus. Total sales in this region fell by 10.3%.


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