Among taxis, Uber in Pittsburgh appeared self-driving Ford Fusion

Taxi service Uber for some time been tested on the streets of Pittsburgh self-driving cars, and recently they started carrying passengers. Just note that behind the wheel of the taxi is still a driver, whose mission — time to take it over in a difficult situation. In addition, he is the engineer overseeing the operation of the system of self-government.

A year and a half ago, the company Uber has opened in Pittsburgh a centre of excellence, designed to develop self-driving cars. The choice of location for its placement is due to the loyalty of the laws of Pennsylvania in relation to the experiments with the vehicles and the proximity of Carnegie Mellon supplying qualified personnel.

While the service order self-governing of taxi, Uber X is available only to regular customers. They do not pay as play the role of testers. Systems of self-government with a small number of cars Ford Fusion traveling on part of the streets of the city, routes which are well-tested in the process prior to testing. Note that this routes most often chosen by Uber drivers, so they are not on peripheral streets. The equipment installed on the car, looks pretty cumbersome, but Uber is already preparing a new, much more compact option.

Source: Engadget


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