AMD Zen 2 (Matisse) in the performance of the AM4 will be released in 2019

After the processors and Ryzen Ryzen Threadripper, embodying the Zen architecture, AMD plans to offer processors on the architecture of Zen 2. They are code name Matisse.

According to the source, AMD Matisse will be released in 2019. They will be preceded by an improved version of the current processors Summit Ridge, which is called Pinacle Ridge. Not differing from the Summit Ridge on the architecture, processors, Pinacle Ridge will be designed based on a release by a more subtle process. Move to standards 12 nm will increase the frequency and performance while keeping power consumption and heat.

As for Matisse, according to preliminary data, AMD will retain the maximum number of cores and threads (8/16), ensuring compatibility with the current socket AM4.

Table Matisse processors in the mobile segment will fit APU Picasso, which will also be released in 2019. Being a 12-nm, they will have an advantage over the APU Raven Ridge part of the energy consumption.

Zen 2


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