AMD working on a dual-processor graphics card generation Vega features a liquid cooling system

Appeared today to repair AMD drivers for Linux have allowed the curious to discover in the code a new mention of graphics solutions Vega.

First, the drivers now have two new ID: 0x6864 and 0x6868. So now the total number of identifiers maps Vega reached nine, but that does not mean you have to wait nine different models of accelerators AMD new generation.

Second, some lines of code indicate the existence of a dual-processor graphics card with GPU Vega, cooled by means of liquid WITH (photo of it).

It’s quite possible that the new accelerator Radeon Pro Duo. If the productivity of single-processor flagship graphics card Vega will be at the level of the GeForce GTX 1080 or GTX 1080 Ti, the solution with two GPU obviously will be impressive.

However, it is no secret that Radeon cards Pro Duo because of its positioning and the prices are not interesting to the vast majority of users, so that new AMD if it would apply to this family, will be interesting only in theory.



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