AMD will revive the brand in the form of the Athlon APU generation Raven Ridge

Once the Athlon was the eldest of the family of AMD. Those days are long gone and now the solution with this brand are the most Junior desktop CPU.

The most recent at the moment are model Athlon 940, 950, and 970 with performance AM4, but they are based on outdated architecture. However, AMD is not going to abandon the legendary brand that once brought her success in the market.

According to Serial ATA International Organization, the Athlon will be revived in the form of APU generation Raven Ridge. That is, they should get cores on a GPU Zen and Vega. However, in relation to the activity of the last component until there are doubts, for now, Athlon is distinguished that you do not have igpu. Perhaps the new members of the family will be a copy of Junior Ryzen 3, but with GPU disabled.

Expect the announcement of the new Athlon is probably worth it until next year.



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