AMD will not support Intel SSD Optane

Last month Intel introduced the consumer SSD Optane, which, however, may be used only as the cache. The manufacturer originally said that these drives will only work with processors Kaby Lake and the newer CPU, though this is likely a purely marketing limitation.

Thus, with the position of Intel in this issue is clear. As for AMD, the company does not intend to support Optane SSD in the near future. First, Intel created memory 3D Xpoint together with Micron and has her privileges, second, the Optane M. 2 slot, which allows you to install the appropriate drives, it is exclusive to some motherboards.

In addition, SSD Optane useless when working in conjunction with a regular SSD, that is designed to accelerate PC performance with hard drives. Because of all this, AMD will not support SSD Optane in their current form. And indeed Intel is unlikely to make these solutions popular, so as a caching SSD for the price of a full SSD range Optane will be interesting to a very small circle of consumers.



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