AMD TrueAudio technology: Next will improve the quality of sound effects in virtual reality

Even with the release of the Radeon R7 and R9 AMD provided a sound processing technology TrueAudio. However, then it was supported only on adapters based on the new GPU generation GCN 1.1.

We will remind, TrueAudio provides guaranteed processing of sound real-time tasks on a system with a supported GPU regardless of CPU.

Nvidia in may of this year unveiled the technology VRWorks Audio, which aims to improve the quality of sound effects in virtual reality. And AMD has decided that now it was time to update their development and announced TrueAudio Next.

In fact, it’s the same technology TrueAudio, but adapted for VR. Supported GPU will take into account the material and the shape of the space and objects surrounding player, to build a more authentic sound. In particular, AMD speaks of a certain «autotransservice rays».

Polaris new GPU for the new technology will be used by the Compute function Unit Reservation, which will allow for sound processing part of stream processors.



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