AMD to launch three Radeon RX Vega

The source reports that AMD is preparing three models of graphics cards with GPU Vega. The source calls them Radeon XTX RX Vega, Vega Vega XT and XL.

The first two are based on full Vega 10 GPU with 4096 stream processors. The difference will be that the highest card will get the liquid WITH greater frequency, which clearly follows from the higher TDP. More specifically, this card will consume 375 watts! While Vega XT will cost 285 W and air cooling, so that frequency obviously should be lower.

As for Vega XL, this card will get active 3584 stream processors with the same TDP of 285 watts. Thus for this version is still unknown the amount of memory, whereas the older cards it will be 8 GB.

As you can see, the maps with the theoretical Vega of the GPU 11 as no data. And judging by all the leaks and reservations in the near future these will not work.



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