AMD showed a prototype Vega Cube containing four GPUs of the new generation

Today we announced graphics cards based on GPU Vega, and their capabilities. But that’s not all the news concerning new developments of the company.

For example, in the photo below you can see a rather unusual object that is being called Vega Cube. As you can see, it is quite a compact unit consisting of four circuit boards, each of which must be a graphics processor the Vega.

It should since it is easy to see that just GPU have demonstrated sample no. Why this was done, it’s hard to say. First, Vega and consumer adapters based on it has not yet been submitted and AMD clearly didn’t want to show the GPU. Second, Vega Cube may be a concept, not a device, preparing to enter the market.

Anyway, this device is not focused on the consumer segment. The module is intended for solving problems in machine learning and is characterized by a capacity of about 100 TFLOPS. It is known that Vega Cube uses some yet to be presented to the data interface, but the details about it there.



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