AMD said that Threadripper is a brand of processors HEDT, not their code name

It often happens that after an announcement is still a lot of questions, some of which representatives of the company meet or immediately after the event or later.

It happened with AMD. For example, recently was presented Threadripper high-performance processors with 16 cores in the maximum configuration. However, AMD did not disclose any workers, did not name the existing models. Given that shortly before this, the Network appeared information that reveals the names of these CPU, one might think that Threadripper is the code name for the new processors.

But it is not. A few days later, a company representative said that Threadripper is the brand, not the code name for a new line of CPU. That is, the HEDT processors will be called either Threadripper indicating model number, or Threadripper Ryzen showing the rooms, although the second option looks too bulky. The company also promised to reveal more details during Computex.

In addition, said AMD details next-generation desktop CPU Ryzen. If you remember the road map shown by the company, it was possible to see that the new generation Zen 2 will produce using seminomatous process. However, the range of Ryzen 2000, which will replace the current, most likely, will not be a new generation Zen 2. AMD said that before the release of such a CPU it is going to release processors using optimized 14-nanometer process technology. On a road map it is marked as 14nm+. This suggests that the processors Ryzen 2000 will use the current architecture, and all improvements will occur by optimising the manufacturing process and the finalization of certain aspects of the architecture.



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