AMD Ryzen will be able to accelerate up to a frequency of about 5 GHz with air cooling

A few days ago we wrote about the first complex testing of the processor AMD Ryzen, although then it was about the engineering sample is less than the production version, frequency. CPU showed a decent performance, if you focus on the rumors about the price level.

But it may be that the new AMD will be even more interesting for buyers because of the excellent overclocking potential. Recall, the older eight-core solution will work at a base frequency of 3.4 GHz, which by the standards of today’s flagship CPU Intel rather modest value.

The French magazine Canard PC has encrypted its readers with a very interesting, though very short, message. It looks like this:


If this binary code to be placed in any online Converter, we get the expression ZenOC@Air=5G. This means that the processors Zen Ryzen can accelerate up to a frequency of 5 GHz with air cooling system. The users of Reddit later received more detailed comments of the journal. It turned out that the engineering sample CPU was working at this frequency, but with only one active core. Of course, this mode is suitable only for some records or testing, but not for everyday use. On the other hand, this means that the frequency of about 4.5 GHz should be available in full mode. In addition, do not forget that the result was achieved on an engineering sample, so serial may accelerate even better.

Considering that the initial flagship Ryzen frequency is only 3.4 GHz, an increase of more than 1 GHz should have a significant impact on performance.



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