AMD Ryzen Threadripper could not be, if not a small group of enthusiasts

As shown by our testing, AMD’s best out not only the processors Ryzen focused on the average consumer, but Ryzen Threadripper related so-called class HEDT.

In fact, at the moment Ryzen Threadripper 1950X sits on the throne ahead of any other consumer CPU on the integrated performance. Of course, soon will enter the market as senior solutions Skylake-X with the number of cores up to 18, but, firstly, their value will be completely different, and secondly, not the fact that a number of cores at lower than the younger models, the frequencies will have the desired effect.

As it turned out, the triumphant return of AMD in this segment could not be. Resource Forbes interviewed several employees of AMD, among whom was senior Vice President and CEO, Jim Anderson (Jim Anderson), corporate Vice-President John Taylor (John Taylor), the team representative liaison Sarah Langbauer (Sarah Youngbauer) and senior product Manager James Pryor (James Prior). And they told a fairly interesting story.

Its essence lies in the fact that AMD was not originally planned to produce processors Ryzen Threadripper because of extra funds from the company to develop solutions not the mass market is simply not there. However, a small group of engineers from AMD the idea was to create a high-performance CPU. They worked on this project in my spare time. It lasted about a year before management AMD gave the green light.

The project started in 2015 and initially, the output of processors Ryzen Threadripper was scheduled only for 2018. However, the team managed to tighten up the deadlines and to cope much faster.

The success of the project also depends on the structure of the CPU that do not use a single chip and consists of four identical crystals, similar to those used in table Ryzen. This fact has allowed a small group of engineers without any funding to work on the project. Of course, for the economy and a more rapid launch of new products AMD had to use, in fact, Epyc server solution with four crystals, I only needed two. Perhaps the next generation Ryzen Threadripper will contain only two crystals, which will reduce the cost of production of such models.

The team representatives also said that Threadripper — originally a code name for the project, which eventually became final.

As a result of the project, which involved a group of enthusiasts, it’s a great line of high-performance processors, which has already shown itself from the best side. In addition, no matter how fast in the end was not older models of the Intel Skylake-X, in terms of price and performance Ryzen Threadripper will be the best in its class.



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