AMD Ryzen have problems when working with FMA3 instructions, but the company has promised to solve them with a BIOS update

As it became known, the AMD Ryzen have problems when working with FMA3 instructions. FMA is a combined operation of multiplication-addition in which two numbers are multiplied and added together with the battery. FMA3 is trehprudnyi of the user, that is, the recording result produced in one of three involved in the instruction operands.

About the problem reported by the forum member Submitting under a pseudonym Mystical, who discovered it in the process of testing of new products for AMD in the test Flop, which he himself had developed. When testing any of the available processors Ryzen on different motherboards, the PC has frozen.

An interesting feature is that when you run this test on a significantly overclocked processors Ryzen no such problem was observed. Enthusiasts assume that this is due to the lack of energy that occurs when a load, which disappears during acceleration because of the raising tension.

The source reports that AMD is already aware of the problem and promised to fix it through BIOS updates motherboards. Presumably, the problem will be solved by updating the AGESA Protocol.



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