AMD Ryzen 7 1700 $320 is positioned as a competitor to the Intel i7 6900K $1099

Source found the AMD 1700 7 Ryzen in another online store that has enabled to confirm and complement the previously published information about this product.

OCTA-core processor in the performance of the AM4 with a TDP of 65 watts, capable of performing sixteen threads simultaneously, will cost about $320. Its base frequency is 3.3 GHz and increased to 3.7 GHz. However, the upper limit is only guaranteed values when the standard cooling system AMD Wraith. The frequency multiplier is unlocked, that is, the user can unlock the potential of overclocking yourself. In the configuration of the processor includes the controller DDR4-2400.

For comparison, osmeteria processor with an unlocked multiplier Intel Core i7-6900K (Broadwell-E), capable of performing sixteen threads and regular overclock to 3.7 GHz, has a TDP of 140 watts, and it costs $1099. According to the AMD processor in terms of performance per core and per unit of frequency, is not inferior to the Intel. And even if the real task it will be faster, three times the difference in price makes it very attractive.


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