AMD revealed that the CPU and GPU hybrid processor Raven Ridge placed on a single crystal

Recently AMD confirmed that mobile APUS Raven Ridge will bear Ryzen CPU and GPU generation Vega. These decisions are mainly focused on expensive laptops, then there is a budget APU Raven Ridge we do not see.

Today during the conference, AMD showed a CPU without a lid. This allowed, firstly, to estimate the size of the crystal, and secondly, to ensure that the Quad-core CPU and high performance GPU of the new generation available on a single crystal.

At the same time demonstrated a laptop based on this APU. He was quite thin, indicating a relatively low level of power consumption of the new hybrid processors.

Unfortunately, as in the case of Vega graphics cards, AMD for various reasons delaying the release of the new APU. If earlier it was believed that they would be released in the first half of this year, it is now known that this will happen in the second.



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