AMD revealed some details about the architecture of Vega, but was silent about the main thing

During yesterday’s event Capsaicin, AMD, unfortunately, did not disclose critical details about the graphics cards with GPU and Vega showed themselves accelerators. But something we still told.

First, a new graphics card that will hit the market in the second quarter, AMD calls the Radeon RX Vega. That is the principle of naming will remain the same. Secondly, we talked about the architectural features of the new GPU.

To begin with, the company once again reminded of the new high-performance controller cache memory — High-Bandwidth Cache Controller (HBCC). Instead of torturing the audience with details about the work of this solution, AMD has shown it in action. So, in the game Deus Ex: Mankind Divided with the activation HBCC average frame rate increased by 50%, and minimum — twice. But as AMD has implemented this comparison is not explained.

Showed work functions of Rapid Packed Math (RPM), accelerating payments to operations with half-precision (FP16). In the test with TressFX enabled RPM performance has increased more than two times.

AMD also talked about cloud-based streaming game service Virtualized Encode. As GeForce Now, it will allow you to play modern games on virtually any PC, because data processing will be servers with graphics cards Vega.

If you focus on the early leaks, Vega 10 GPU will have 4096 stream processors, 16 GB of memory HBM2, and the power consumption is 225 watts.



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