AMD registered trademarks of Kyzen, Aragon, Pharos, Promethean, Zenso and CoreAmp

According to the database Justia Trademarks, AMD has recently registered several new trademarks. Among them are the already known RX Vega, Threadripper and Epyc and new: Kyzen, Aragon, Pharos, Promethean, Zenso and CoreAmp.

While no official data or at least leaks relating to such names, we didn’t find. But, for example, the word Kyzen much like Ryzen, so that may be related to some AMD processors. CoreAmp similar to the name for the acceleration or control parameters of a CPU or GPU.

In addition, there is an assumption that Promethean is the code name of the chipset for processors Threadripper. As for the rest of trademarks, it is difficult even to assume, what they refer to. Perhaps something will be known already during Computex, AMD intends to present some updates and further details on the already announced products.



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