AMD refuses to brand CrossFire, but not on the technology itself

A few days ago we learned that the new AMD driver will support CrossFire cords for adapters, Vega, implying the possibility of installing only two cards.

In the end, the Radeon driver 17.9.2 Crimson ReLive Edition came out and it turned out that the support for CrossFire is not mentioned there at all. Instead of this technology, refers to support for Multi-GPU (mGPU) for the cards Vega.

Resource PC World turned to AMD for clarification, and it turned out that the company decided to quietly abandon the brand CrossFire. From a technical point of view, nothing has changed and all the relevant graphics cards AMD will have the opportunity to work in bundles. But the term CrossFire for actual models wouldn’t be used.

AMD explains this decision by saying that CrossFire refers to the technology DirectX11, and now is even using DX12. Why, you could not leave the old term, still not very clear, because users do not associate it with DX11 or any other API.



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