AMD Radeon GPU with Vega 11 can only come out next year

During all the latest presentations and events, when AMD representatives talked about the upcoming new generation of Vega, they talked about the uncertain model in the singular.

It is suggested that initially the market will leave only the most productive version with GPU Vega 10. But it is known that there is and a graphics processor 11 Vega, which should be based accelerators are of a lower class.

Unfortunately, if you believe the latest rumors, these cards will be released before the end of this year and early next. The reasons are still unknown. If the top of the adapter Vega delay due to low volumes of production memory HBM2, why delayed release of younger models, we can only guess. Moreover, the most expensive 3D card according to statistics sold in significantly smaller quantities than the mainstream.

It is worth noting that the source says it is about cards with GPU Vega 11. That is, we can hope that the low-end model with the GPU Vega 10 will be announced together with the senior.



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