AMD Project 47 — the server rack with the Epyc 7601 processor and Radeon adapters Instinct MI25, which provides the performance of 1 PFLOPS

At the last event Capsaicin SIGGRAPH, AMD not only introduced a new graphics card and processors, but also showed Project 47 — the server rack based on their latest solutions.

Project 47 was created in conjunction with the company Inventec. As stated on the AMD website, the project aims to show what can be achieved when the largest server processor in the world combined with the world’s largest graphics processor based on the architecture of Vega.

In fact, it is possible to achieve a performance of 1 PFLOPS in single precision. Energy efficiency is 30 GFLOPS per watt.

Project 47 is a server rack with 20 servers, each based on one Epyc 7601 CPU and four graphics accelerators Radeon MI25 Instinct. It is also known that servers contain SSD and DDR4 memory made by Samsung, but the volume did not elaborate.

Project 47 is not just a demonstration project. This is a real product that will be available to customers at the end of this year.



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