AMD Pinnacle Ridge will replace the current Ryzen (Summit Ridge), at the beginning of next year

As you know, recently released desktop AMD Ryzen belong to a generation Summit Ridge. In the mobile segment will soon appear APU Raven Ridge. According to the source, the second generation of processors Zen will be available in early next year in the form of CPU Pinnacle Ridge.

Previously it was assumed that these CPU will appear at the end of the current year, but a small shift to market processors of the current generation accordingly affected the plans of the next release. Although a formal announcement is still to be expected in the end of 2017.

Some accurate data on Pinnacle Ridge yet, but something we can assume, following the logic. As this will be the development of the architecture Zen, we should not expect such a huge jump in performance, which showed CPU Ryzen in comparison with the predecessors. But despite the success of new products, AMD has work to do. For example, on increasing the frequency optimization in games and so on. Do you expect at the beginning of 2018 transition to 10-nanometer process technology, until the claim is difficult. By the way, Pinnacle Ridge processors will have the performance AM4, that is, in the best traditions of AMD, changing the platform is not necessary.

As for co-processors, Raven Ridge, according to new data, they should appear in the second half of the year. And they can get the CPU generation Summit Ridge, but with some improvements inherent in Pinnacle Ridge. In addition, these APU will have a GPU generation Vega.



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