AMD left its main specialist at graphic solutions. Maybe for work in the Intel

Yesterday evening, quite unexpectedly it became known that Coduri Raja (Raja Koduri) leaves AMD. Raja Koduri was senior Vice President and chief architect of AMD Radeon Technologies Group and oversaw all aspects of the graphic technologies used in hybrid processors, discrete graphics cards, super-large and GPUs AMD.

At the time Koduri had three years to work at Apple, but then returned to AMD. Recently it became known that Coduri goes on vacation, however, as it turned out, to work from vacation, he will not return.

In his farewell letter to the company AMD Koduri did not describe in detail the reasons for leaving, but has mentioned that he wants to succeed outside of the realm of hardware. We can only wish him luck and hope that AMD will find it a worthy replacement.

One of the sources, referring to his informants, says that Kaduri actually left AMD for Intel. Given that the company introduced a completely new hybrid processors, this could believe.



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