AMD is preparing a consumer HEDT platform with a 16-core processor

The flagship AMD processor Ryzen 7 1800X already showed a quite impressive level of performance, being able to compete with twice and sometimes three times more expensive Intel.

In General, this is sufficient to provide the desired enthusiasts, but according to new rumors, AMD is ready to introduce its own HEDT platform for those who want maximum performance without considering cost.

Sources reported that AMD in the next months after its launch, the platform X399, which would include 16-core processor, capable of processing up to 32 threads simultaneously. In addition, it will contain a Quad-channel memory controller. No other data source does not. You need to understand that it is nothing more than a rumor, because before anything like this in the plans AMD was not listed.

On the other hand, AMD is preparing the server platform Naples, which just have to enter the 16-core and 32-core model, so that directly the question of having the company of such crystals is not worth it.

We can assume that the 16-core monster AMD for new consumer platforms will cost about 1000 dollars or even less.



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