AMD has shared the results of a comparison of mobile and desktop Radeon RX 460

With the desktop Radeon RX 460 we have already become acquainted. This is the first in its price segment media of the new generation GPU for $ 100, which evaluated 2-gigabaytnaya modification, the novelty looks quite good.

Settings mobile adapter RX 460 us is not known. It is clear that it is based on the GPU Polaris 11, but its configuration remains a mystery. Considering that the desktop card has not received all the streaming processors, new graphics processor, the intrigue remains.

Partly to dispel it she decided AMD published the results of testing of mobile 3D maps. Opponents from the camp of Nvidia in the test there, so that is interesting to us in the first place comparing with table map, rather than the absolute performance of the device.

As you can see, mobile and desktop cards are «neck and neck» with a small advantage of the latter. Testing was conducted in Full HD resolution. Thus, we can assume that mobile cards are all the same 896 stream processors, but the frequency is somewhat lower. Apparently, a full 11 Polaris will be the basis of, for example, the RX models 465.

Of course, AMD is not able to compete with the innovations of Nvidia, but to make inexpensive laptops, to a certain extent suitable for games, it was quite strong.

Radeon RX 460


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