AMD has only just signed a contract to produce graphics processors Vega 11

According to sources, AMD has already signed contracts for the production of graphics processors Vega 11. They will be produced at the facilities of Globalfoundries, using 14-nanometer technology, that is where the GPU Vega 10.

Terms named, unfortunately, was not, and indeed AMD is in no hurry to share information regarding the younger members of generation Vega. Given that at the moment the company is at the stage of Contracting, in the near future, announcements should be expected.

The source also says that the Vega GPU 20, which will be based flagship adapters AMD next generation, will produce TSMC already using seminomatous process. The company had previously claimed that devices with Vega 20 will be released in the second half of 2018, but given the problems with the current generation of adapters, we should not discount the possibility of delay in new accelerators.



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