AMD has announced the launch of PC shipments with hybrid processors Bristol Ridge

Mobile AMD Bristol Ridge was submitted on 1 June. Recall, on the one hand they will mark the arrival on the market of the socket AM4 (in the case of desktop solutions) that will be used for processors Zen, and on the other — no significant architectural improvements, in fact, are not.

Anyway, today AMD announced that the desktop APU seventh generation already shipped PC Lenovo and HP. That is, in the future, such computers must be on sale.

However, AMD did not disclose details about the new range of APU, so no models or their parameters, we still do not know reliably. It is known that the processors will be available in versions with a TDP of 65 or 35 watts.

Also in the press release, a 65-watt hybrid processor Bristol Ridge is compared to the Intel Core i5-6500 with the same level of energy consumption. So AMD promises similar CPU performance and twice the GPU performance. It remains to wait for first tests a new APU to know if this is the situation.



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