AMD gets x86 in the first place in server processors

The decision of AMD to bet on the use of ARM architecture processors in the server was wrong, so the company returns to first place in its strategy x86. New server processors based on AMD’s x86-compatible microarchitecture Zen. About it reports the source with reference to the words of the CEO of AMD Lisa su (Lisa Su).

As you know, the first server processor on the ARM architecture and corresponding platform for developers, AMD has introduced in 2014, but is available these processors A Opteron, known under the name of Seattle began only at the beginning of this year. They use Cortex-A57. Create AMD K12 ARM-compatible core of own development was completed last year. And although the manufacturer does not abandon plans to release these processors in the coming year, the main focus of his plans would be done on the Zen and x86.

Manual AMD explains the change in strategy because the processors on the ARM architecture does not meet the performance requirements. In these circumstances, the company considered that the transfer of effort to the x86 processors will make it possible to increase the share in the server market. AMD I hope that the processors Zen will be able to successfully compete with x86-compatible Intel processors.

Source: CDR info



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