AMD generation Zen can eventually get the name Ryzen

Already on 13 December, AMD will hold an online broadcast of New Horizon, during which it will show the processors Zen. On the market they should be out in early 2017.

Recently, however, all somehow forgotten that Zen is the name of the new generation of processors. AMD never said that the CPU will be sold under the trademark Zen, although it could be.

And so it became known that the company has trademarked Ryzen. From the description it is clear that it is intended for a semiconductor product, although the list of present and processors, and graphics processors. Given the closeness, it can be assumed that it will be Ryzen brand new AMD processors.

In addition, the company has registered trademarks ThreadRipper, Grok, Vara, Joro and Jitzu. All of these items in the document is the same description that lists too many potential carriers to understand what they will include.



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