AMD demonstrated the superiority of the cards with GPU Vega in front of the rivals in the gaming and professional tasks

Yesterday, AMD introduced the first graphics adapter based on GPU Vega. However, such was the professional accelerator Radeon MI25 Instinct and it told very little, but the GPU does nothing.

It was known only that the card consumes less than 300 watts. This implies that TDP is close to 300 watts, but it concerns professional adapter.

Whatever it was, later became known some details about the graphics card. The source said that the Tech Summit, which provided adapters, also staged a demonstration, during which the map MI25 in different problems, compared with competitors. In particular, in problems of deep learning, this accelerator has surpassed even the monstrous Tesla P100, which is based on the GPU GP100 with 15.3 billion transistors. The performance of the Nvidia card is 18.7 TFLOPS (FP16), AND 9.3 TFLOPS (FP32) and 4.7 TFLOPS (FP64), in the case of models with PCIe. While Tesla P100 is equipped with 16 GB of memory HBM second generation. By the way, Radeon MI25 Instinct is equipped with the same volume of the same memory.

Source quotes and other interesting information. It is reported that consumer card with GPU Vega, equipped with 8 GB of memory HBM second generation, in the test game Doom (in API mode Vulkan) 10% ahead of 3D-card GeForce GTX 1080, the nucleus of which worked at a frequency of 1911 MHz. The card itself carefully concealed, so that not even its descriptions. It should be noted the fact that testing was carried out on the existing drivers, so that the output of the card, its performance should be even higher. One of the sources confirmed that the exhibited map is the same device, which we wrote about some time ago.



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